Friday, August 8, 2008

Mac Attack

I got a new computer! I am quite possibly the happiest person alive right now. I love love love my new mac! Not only did I get that, but thanks to the "back to college" sale, I also got a free itouch and free printer/scanner/copier. I am so excited to use all of these things!!! 

Daddy and I had fun with the photobooth application as well 
It's quite a hit in the Mueller household. 

This week off from work has been lots of fun and very relaxing. Sunday night I slept over at Trisha's with Molly, Darcy, and Annie. We dressed up in crazy outfits and went to starbucks at 2am. I found a sprinkler and we all danced in it, next to the highway, in a parking lot. A bit of a crazy night. One of the starbucks girls, Maura, got off work when we finished and joined us in the puddles! It was such a blast. 
Yesterday Mum and I went for a nice nature walk in Devil's Den. It's a beautiful nature conservatory with a pond in the middle. We walked around twice and only ran into one other couple. There is nothing I love better than being out in the woods just quiet with nature. Once Dani gets back from Europe we're going camping with Julie at Hammonasset. It is SUCH a beautiful beach and there are nice campgrounds, too. Even though you aren't supposed to bring Dogs, we always take Georgie up when we're free and the weather is nice. It's such a beautiful beach in the winter with the wind. I love love love it!

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