Friday, August 1, 2008


Today was the LAST day of work thank goodness! The girl power show went really well. Cecilia was absent unfortunately but the show must go on! I forgot Johanna's tie-dye in the washing machine and felt so bad! Luckily she got to wear Cecilia's shirt and mum dropped hers off during lunch. Those things are huge when you're 9 years old. I remember 9 was the age when I started feeling old. Looking at those kids now they seem so tiny! I can't believe I was so obsessed with boys and clothes at such a young age. I look at some of them wearing halter tops and TINY shorts and wonder what their parents are thinking. And I couldn't help but wonder (SATC reference!!)... are kids growing up too quickly these days?
For example: a little boy named Dylan won the "So you think you can dance" contest yesterday. As a reward his father let him get a new haircut so he can gel it into a Mohawk and highlights. I personally think that's stupid and wouldn't let my kid do that at all. I realize that I'm old fashioned, but I don't think that encouraging my child to be rebellious is anyway to reward them for something good. What happened to simple things? Rod and I of course got into a bit of a debate about it. He was arguing that his parents never let him do anything when he was younger and that's the reason he's so rebellious now. I however disagree. My parents always encouraged me to be who I am while at the same time steering me into the right direction and always providing an example, my moral compass if you wish. I worry every day that my children won't be normal. I wonder if other single 18 year olds do the same?
Speaking of wonderful children however, I babysat for my favorites tonight! Alex and Casey are the sweetest little boys. They were so well behaved and Casey barely cried at all. I love kids who are well behaved and nice to their siblings. I worry sometimes I'm going to be a totally anal mom and really strict, which will probably be the case. It's all for the best though, right?
I also took this really cool test that found my "personal DNA". The description was right on the nail.

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