Monday, August 11, 2008

h8 airports

This has been THE worst morning of my life. Not only did I get in a fight with my dad right before I left for vacation, but the airport is out to get me. Apparently my school ID isn’t enough of an ID? I’ve never had a problem with it before but this time they needed “state ID”. Because I don’t drive, I only have my permit, which doesn’t have a photo on it. I had to go wait through ANOTHER security check ine. Once there, I got pulled aside and they went through all my bags. I had to wait in a little glass room while they went through all of my things. They took apart my bags and the guy was asking me all these questions about my ipod and whether it got GPS or not. No offence, but not really the time to make small talk. Once I was getting ready I couldn’t find my computer! Somebody had put ANOTHER security box on top of it (thanks a ton airport security for respecting my belongings) and didn’t even notice! Onec I found my computer I couldn’t find my gate. It wasn’t printed on my ticket because I did the online check out in advance (a ton of good it’s done for me so far). I was looking on one screen that said my flight number was going to Korea? I almost freaked out completely but found my flight AND a Starbucks. Now waiting at the gate, I need to pay for internet. I think $5 and hour is an absolutely ridiculous charge! I’ll have to post this later, hopefully SFO will have free wifi. Time to board!
Here in San Francisco…. The internet is not free. I managed to find a way onto the internet back at JFK but only on my ipod. All I had to do was watch a 15 second ad and it let me use the internet for 15 minutes! My flight was delayed a good 45 minutes though so it’s a good thing I figured it out. My flight itself wasn’t that bad. I sat next to a really nice girl from Shanghai who will be a senior in high school this year and will be applying to Oberlin’s music Conservatory. I can’t imagine going to school in a different country! It must be so scary to be that far from home. I would be scard something would happen and I would have no one to help me out. Well here I am now waiting, with no internet, again, in an airport. It’s 12:39 now and my flight takes off at 1:45. I could read but the book isn’t very exciting in the beginning. I need something to grab my attention. I can’t believe the airports charge for internet these days. What are we supposed to do while waiting! Oh well, I don’t want my battery to run completely out. I watched West Side Story on the plane and almost cried the entire time. It’s so nice to finally have a computer that won’t die if it’s not plugged in after 4 minutes. This is the first time I’ve been able to watch an entire movie on a laptop not plugged in. Love my mac!

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