Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer at Wooster

First session of camp ended today. I feel like it passed by so quickly! My morning class, Tree House Time Travelers, was mostly boys. It was based on the magic tree house series and every day was spent "at the moon", "down under", or somewhere equally exciting. Today we traveled to Greece and participated in the Olympics! We split the kids into two groups, Greece vs. USA, and USA won by a landslide. Here is Luke, champion long jumper, competing for team USA. The best part of this class however was Harrison. Harrison was the youngest boy in the class, only going into 2nd grade, and was the sweetest kid I've ever met! In all of our drawing activities he would pick pink and purple for his colors. On outer space day, while creating our own planets he made Planet Princess. It was basically a floating princess head, tiara and all. He had a bit of trouble with his Rs but it just made him even cuter. Here is Harrison with my sun hat on.
In the afternoon I taught a class called Girls of Yesteryear. It was based on the American Girl Dolls series and every day we learned about a new time period. I loved the dolls when I was little and have Kirsten, Samantha, and Josefina, and I still think they're all fabulous. Not only are they great dolls with BEAUTIFUL clothing and accessories, but they teach girls about American history without them noticing. Girls in class were talking about Victory Gardens and the Depression, and some of them are in 3rd grade! They were spitting out facts thanks to their obsession with all things dolls. Here are Emma. K and Julia with their dolls, Felicity and Kit. I have loved every minute of camp so far and I hope second session will be as exciting. I'm teaching Girl Power in the morning with Mary and Literacy Through Lyrics in the afternoon. The second class is for Kindergardeners so I'm so looking forward to working with little kids! It's going to be strange not to work with Elyse anymore. She was the teacher for both of my classes and absolutely fabulous. She was so creative and fun with both the boys and the girls. Here's to you Elyse! Here she is with Sarah M watching the model car show in this afternoon. I'm off to Anna's Bon Voyage party and then to some early fireworks. Happy 4th!

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