Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Bless America

Happy birthday America! My 4th was fabulous. I went to party with my dad and brother for the afternoon in upstate NY somewhere. I'm not sure who was hosting it but my dads band plays the opening set every year so we've become quite the regulars.
It was my first time at the party, and home on the 4th of July in years. They had an ice burg and water trampoline in the lake, strawberry rides, gladiator battle stations, and bungee jumping. I spent most of the party goofing around with my new camera, which is the coolest thing I have ever owned. Later that night the three of us went to the Ridgefield fireworks up at the High School. It was my first time EVER seeing them there! When I was little we would go to New Canaan, and after that we would be on the Cape. For the past 5 summers I've been at camp for the 4th so it was quite an experience. It was a great show and I'm sure you could have heard it all the way from my house! We sat on the upper field and had a great view but the lower field must have been unreal.

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to Colleen's house near Great Barrington for her graduation party. Trisha, Molly, Dennis, and I all made the drive up together and had a blast in the car. We stopped on the way home to take some pictures of trees and cows and raced Cindy and Roger the entire way to Connecticut! We all thought they were going to DIE in a head on collision at one point while passing a car. Top Speed obtained: 90 miles per hour.

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