Sunday, July 27, 2008

The most wonderful place on earth

I found the happiest place on earth: Woodbury Commons. Today was Dani's birthday so Julie and I took her shopping and had a wonderful (and successful!) afternoon. There is every store I could ever imagine, mum is taking me back before school so I can get all the things I need. So fantastic. I didn't end up buying a lot but I got two things that I had been really searching for and two other fun things :c).

I got these jeans at AG, my absolute favorite place to buy pants. These are The Club fit. They have a bit more of a flare than I'm used to but theyre very cute and fit well. They're a size smaller than I usually wear so I feel skinny, too! They have great cords, I love their Angel fit for school.

I got these pants at Vineyard Vines, by far the most FANTASTIC outlet ever. I got the last ones in Nantucket Red, there weren't that many left in my size. I really wanted this green color but they didn't have it. There's nothing better than a great pair of pants. The store didn't have a changing room which was bizzre so Julie and I just changed in the back. Luckily I was wearing a skirt so I could just pull them right up. They're moving to a bigger store in August so I'm hoping they'll at least put in one changing room!
I got my dad this tie for his birthday in a green. His birthday is Thursday, the same day as Harry Potter! How exciting!! I also got this skirt for class from Gap but it's not on the website. It's just a short yellow/gold courdory miniskirt. Its only a few inches above my knee, not too short.
Wonderful weekend all together. Last night we all slept over at Jack's and had a good time. I feel like all my guy friends (Wilson, Max, Jack) have hot tubs! If I had one that's where I would be right now. I love swimming and being in the water, as long as it's not dark or there are sharks!

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Glad you liked our no fitting room Vineyard Vines outlet.We have moved to a new bigger location and we have fitting rooms.Hope to see you in the new location. 607 Bluebird Court Woodbury Common.Lots of fall merchadise.