Monday, July 21, 2008

Does Your Mother Know

Like everyone else, I saw The Dark Knight opening night at midnight. It was fantastic and our theatre was quite into it. Someone brought a beach ball and the entire theatre was playing with it, trying to keep it off the floor. We were very disapointed when an official came in to take it out. Heath was AMAZING. It's so sad he's passed away, although I can't really imagine him in any role after this. His tounge actions reminded me of Barty Crouch, Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Speaking of which, it's 10 days until Harry Potters birthday and 2 days until Daniel Radcliffs!!

The highlight of my summer movie experience however has got to be Mama Mia! It was so much fun I couldnt help but sing along the whole time. Even the second time around it was fabulous. Poor Pierce Brosnan didn't get the best reviews, but he wasn't that bad! People in my theatre the second time were laughing every time he sang. I feel so bad because he did the best he could. He's not a singer and people seem to forget this. Everyone needs to be so multi-talented these days.

Third and FINAL session have finally begun. I'm off to a good start teaching Girl Power and Girls of Yesteryear, both repeats. I hope they can live up to their original classes! There are some BEAUTIFUL girls in my classes. It's unbelieveable.

18 days until Reno with my lovely room mate!

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