Friday, July 11, 2008

Strike a Pose

My class is fabulous. The Girl Power fashion show was a huge success. The girls loved to model and all brought in three or four outfits. Highlights were camp director Janet coming to visit and official photographer Trisha taking pictures.

My three favorites: Rosie, Dani, and Celia. Rosie gets major points for wearing a Legally Blonde shirt.
In honor of Fashion Day we did some designs of our own. I don't usually consider myself much of an artist but I was quite pleased with what I did. The last art class I took was a quarter long middle school art class at a public school. We spent the whole time decorating and redoing the walls of our soon-to-be torn-down art room. We used paint and Christmas lights for ours, hardly a real art class. My design turned out alright though!

As fabulous a place as camp is, I'm glad it's the weekend!

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